n order to be shot accurately and with repeatable results all guns require a stable shooting platform. The Black Gun™ Shooting Rest is light weight, easy to transport, and rock solid stable. “If a rest is cumbersome to set up and use the shooter would be as well off piling up various sand bags and other apparatus upon which to lay their weapon….when testing the accuracy of a rifle stability is paramount….the key is that the rifle must be held absolutely steady when the trigger is pressed. This demands a solid rest.” Jeff Quinn The Black Gun™ Shooting Rest utilizes a unique dual rail design on both the base and the gun support cradle. This permits an opening that easily accommodates pistol grips and high capacity magazines, up to 40 rounds. The gun cradle is equipped with a HYSKORE® #30171, 100% top grain cow hide front shooting rest bag, which is factory filled with non-reactive plastic pellets. The cradle pivots to allow for elevation and has a precision elevation adjustment that can be user located on either the left or right hand side. The rear end of the cradle features a gun support yoke with a padded web strap to engage the butt stock and insure that the gun is returned to the same position after each shot. In addition, the yoke can be fixed in various positions of elevation. When the yoke is removed there is a 4” x 5” platform that is ideal for placing a user supplied shooting rest bag.


Transport and storage is always an issue when taking a shooting rest either to the range or into the field. The Black Gun™ weighs only 7.5 pounds and has a unique self-storage feature. By simply removing the 2 knobs that secure the front legs and using the same 2 knobs, the legs can be reattached to the gun cradle. The rest now occupies less than half of its original foot print. The Black Gun™ features a magnetic back spirit level and leveling feet at both the front feet and rear. Basically, the rest incorporates all of the functional adjustments and features that either a casual, competition, or even a bench rest shooter could ever require. “What makes the AR15 so grand in this application of competition shooting, is that it can be fired accurately enough to win.” Jerry Stordahl With the Black Gun™ Shooting Rest this is just the type of accuracy and repeatability that can be expected from an AR15. Whether your AR15 is used for tactical, bench shooting, or hunting this is the perfect AR accessory.


The rest accommodates bolt action rifles, lever action rifles, and semi-autos equally well. Not to mention that it is the perfect platform for the M1A1 rifle, M1 Carbines, and AK47 style weapons. It is also a perfect fit for the M4 Carbine, AR10, M14, Ruger 1022, Remington 870, and Mossberg 500. Remember to always use ANSI approved eye protection and hearing protection with the proper NRR rating when shooting. With an MSRP of $99.99 the HYSKORE® Black Gun™ Shooting Rest represents a unique bargain. It is available at the, and numerous other retailers.


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n order to be shot accurately and with repeatable results all guns require a stable…