Green Supply continues to add new products to their growing line of gear to make the outdoor experience more satisfying, whether it’s hunting, camping or hiking. The latest is iScope LLC, in Sikeston, Missouri.

The iScope is a Smartphone Scope Adapter that has opened doors to many hunters by allowing them to aim, shoot and film their hunts right from their Smartphone, which they can later share with friends and family.

No more squinting with one eye. Using the iScope, you can now hunt with both eyes open. By using your Smartphone’s camera, the iScope lets you see a full-screen view of what you would normally see through your scope. This full-screen view provides easier, safer shooting, better accuracy and the option of filming your hunt from the eye of the shooter.

Invented by CEO Rob Russell, the patent-pending iScope fits over 95% of scopes that are sold on the market today. It simply attaches onto the scope’s eye piece and will fit up to a 48mm eye piece. Its ease of use and benefits have quickly made it popular, not only among the average hunter but also with youth and physically challenged hunters alike.

The iScope is great for deer rifles, shotguns, pistols, crossbows, spotting scopes, Airsoft & BB guns — anything with a scope. Thanks to the iScope you will no longer have to wait to get home to see your latest adventure. You can now use your Smartphone to aim, shoot and film your hunts. With the ability to view and share your footage filmed right from your Smartphone it is like social media live in the woods!

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