Les Stroud has seen it all—from the Arctic Tundra to the far South Pacific. Regardless of his locale, he keeps one go-to tool on hand that can do whatever needs to be done to survive.

Producer and star of the “Survivorman” television series broadcast on the Outdoor Life Network Canada, the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel, Stroud partnered with Camillus Knives to co-design and promote Les Stroud Signature Survival Knives inspired by his own experiences in various survival situations, when he’s generally equipped with only his clothes, camera equipment, harmonica, and a knife not unlike the SK Mountain, a 10-inch ‘Ultimate Survival’ knife and sheath now available from Camillus Knives, in that it can perform many tasks in myriad situations.

The knife itself features a knurled-steel pommel and non-stick drop-point blade with partial serration on a 4.75 inch blade made with Carbonitride Titanium bonded 440 stainless steel – steel treated with a formulation of titanium and chromium nitride, guarding against corrosion and making the blade three-times harder than if left untreated.

A hard ballistic nylon sheath holds the knife, while integrated compartments offer a place for small storage as well as a sharpener, para-cord wrap, fire starter, S.O.S signal mirror, LED flashlight, and a whistle. A mesh trail map pocket can also hold Stroud’s survival guide. The Les Stroud Signature Survival series also includes the SK Desert™, a 7.75″ folding knife; the SK Arctic, a 9″ fixed sport survival knife, and the SK Jungle™, an 18″ survival machete.

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Les Stroud has seen it all—from the Arctic Tundra to the far South Pacific.…