Lyman has introduced the market’s largest and most powerful ultrasonic cleaning system: The Turbo Sonic Power Pro. This system’s extra long, heated tank and ten powerful industrial transducers allow gunsmiths, armorers or any shooter to quickly and easily clean, lubricate and protect the widest range of metal items.

Designed for high volume cleaning or for larger than normal items, the new Turbo Sonic Power Pro’s heated stainless steel tank can easily handle most barreled actions, upper receivers, and even several handguns at one time. The tank measures 35.75″ long x 8″ wide x 6.25″ deep. (The overall product dimensions are: 38.5″ long x 10.75″ wide x 14″ deep.) The powerful industrial transducers aggressively deep clean and degrease items, both inside and out. In fact, the Power Pro is such an effective cleaner that Lyman recommends that cleaned parts immediately be ultrasonically treated with Lyman’s Turbo Sonic Gun Lube. Changing from cleaning to lubrication is easy with the built in drain system.

Designed for volume usage, the Power Pro features an all stainless design. For complete control of the process, the Power Pro has both a timer and an adjustable heat control. Temperatures up to 175 degrees can be selected.

MSRP for this product is only $1395.
*(Not recommended for cleaning wood stocks.)

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