The Exelis Night Enforcer PVS-14 Binocular Kit.

Adding to the versatility of the NEPVS-14 Binocular is the capability and ease of quickly transitioning from binocular to monocular. Each side of the binocular is equipped with a “break-away” button that allows the unit to be split into two separate PVS-14s. Once separated, the individual PVS-14 acts as a force multiplier by being able to mount to a weapon or given to another team member while the remaining PVS-14 is used as a helmet mounted monocular.

The NEPVS-14 Binocular also folds against the helmet when stowed upright. The physics of the advanced weight distribution allow for the system to have the lowest perceived weight of any night vision binocular ever. The same technology also gives the Night Enforcer Binocular the ability to lift either side up and out of the way at any time.

Accepting any standard PVS-14 accessory and costing almost half as much as other high-end night vision binocular, the Night Enforcer continues its legacy – this time as the NEPVS-14 Binocular.

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