N-Vision Optics Dual Bridge for Mini N-SEAS Monocular
N-Vision Optics Dual Bridge for Mini N-SEAS Monocular

The newly released N-Vision Optics Dual Bridge allows the connection of two Mini N/SEAS monoculars to form a dual tube binocular system. The combined binocular provides increased depth perception over a single tube unit and allows for individual movement of each monocular.

The N-Vision Optics Dual Bridge gives the operator an option to seamlessly transition from binocular to monocular. Additionally, when flipped up, each monocular stows along the contour of the helmet thereby eliminating the “NOD-Smack” damage from doorframes of vehicles and buildings. The auto shut off function of the Dual Bridge will automatically power off each individual monocular if they are moved out of the way or flipped up. Unlike competitor products, N-Vision Optics’ unique design allows the operator to set inter-pupillary adjustments in the binocular mode, as well as use all functions of the Dual Bridge, without needing any tools.

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