The TS-82 not only meets, but exceeds, the quality, resolution and brilliance of the most highly respected European spotting scopes. It incorporates APO fluorite glass, difficult to work with, but unsurpassed for true, brilliant color. Its 82mm objective lens provides exceptional low-light performance, and proprietary Nightforce lens coatings result in superb contrast and brightness. A hydrophobic coating immediately sheds water without leaving residue, and helps repel fingerprints and smudges.

The TS-82’s internal prism design provides maximum light transmission, as opposed to mirrors that absorb critical light rays. It also reduces eye fatigue and extends viewing time. The new scope produces crisp, razor-sharp resolution with no distortion from edge to edge. Its aluminum body provides ruggedness and themal stability. It is thoroughly shock tested and waterproof.

Adapters are available allowing the attachment of an iPhone 4 or 5, allowing high-resolution photos of wildlife or any faraway object. An optional 30-60x wide-angle eyepiece is also offered, changing made quick and secure with a quick-release bayonet mount. Both straight and angled configurations of the TS-82 are available. The Nightforce design includes an integral tripod mount, built-in sunshade, the ability to rotate and lock the scope for various viewing angles, and a large, highly precise and fast center focus ring—easy to use even while wearing gloves.

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The TS-82 not only meets, but exceeds, the quality, resolution and brilliance of the…