OutWest Systems, Inc, renowned for their high-tech LASER and live fire (and super long range) firearm training systems is pleased to announce the release of their newest model LASER target training system for use with real firearms

While we emphasize LASER in this release this system will do all this and more with live fire ammunition too, just don’t do that in your house; scares the neighbors, pets and ruins the walls!


• Put LASER* into firearm (hand gun or long arm).
• Point OCAT supplied camera at target and plug into laptop or PC.
• Run the OCAT software
• Enter in the random reaction time frame you want.
• Wait for random audio draw signal and draw and fire at target.
• Your instant LASER hit(s) will be captured and plotted on the computer screen.
• Your movement during each shot will be shown on the computer screen.
• Your reaction to shot fired time will be shown on the computer.
• The timer can also be set to stop after a number of shots, amount of time or both
• When ready again, hit reset and do it again–it is stinkin’ fun and informative.

And again, you can do this with live ammunition. This is the kind of system that makes all of the OCAT firearms training systems so far advanced over anything on the market, especially anything even near this price.

Fantastic training: With the LASER in your home you can react and go to cover to fire situations, practice draw and fire especially handy for concealed carry practice. And you do it all in the comfort of your house or on the range with live ammunition and you can do it under the pressure of on the record time too.

Included: Multi-person competition, automatic roll over shots, multi-shot scenarios, competition, individual practice training and more.

When it comes to firearm training and practice for new or young shooters the OCAT System will provide safe basic and advanced training in advance of live fire training. The OCAT System provides a real world way to train sight picture, hold and trigger control without the distractions of live fire allowing a foundation of safe training proceeding actual shooting.

Professional Instructors and shooting schools will benefit from this system. Without the distraction of ear muffs, safety glasses, gun fire and recoil the ability to safely teach the basics of rapid draw, sight alignment, hold and trigger control is greatly and safely accelerated with the OCAT System especially with the instant feedback shot to shot analysis capability.

The beauty of the OCAT computer supported systems is they are affordably upgradable any of their other systems and even function with long range live fire use out to thousands of yards if needed.

Note:While the preferred OCAT LASER is recommended if the shooter already has a snap cap type LASER the OCAT System will work with most other brands of LASER snap type training units. Check before ordering.

Advantages of the OCAT System using the LASER option:

• Nearly unlimited practice shots

• Produces same basic practice feedback as live fire

• Provides firearm/trigger movement analysis that live fire cannot provide

• Save serious money over live fire

PRICING: It is very affordable. Pricing depends on what you will need to complete your system as you may already own some of the components such as a computer, tripod and maybe even a firearm snap LASER. Pricing for various components is broken down on the OCAT System website at The company is very responsive to questions and consulting.

OCAT stands for Optical Computer-Aided Training

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