The Peters Paper shotshells are back thanks to Remington
(Photo by Courtesy Remington)

The legend returns! Remington has re-introduced the Peters Paper line of shotshells. As part of Remington’s revitalization under Vista Outdoors, the legendary line of shotgun shells is making its return.

What Makes these Shells Special?

The Peters Paper lineup of shells are well-known by clay target shooters. Before Remington paused production on the line, they were the choice for discerning shotgun enthusiasts. Now they’re back, and better than ever. The new shotshell lineup has five key features that help them stand out from the crowd. First is the high antimony lead shot. This is screened to ensurethat each pellet is uniform, giving better accuracy. Second, you have the signature paper hull. Its lighter weight helps reduce felt recoil so you can shoot longer. Third comes the competition wad, followed in fourth by the primer/propellant compound, and in fifth the all brass case head.

The New Lineup

All of the reintroduced Peters Paper shotshells will be 2.75 inch rounds. Remington’s bringing out five different loads for the shotshells. The first carries 1 1/8th oz of #8 shot at 1145 FPS. Secondly, we have a load packing the same 1 1/8th oz of shot, but this time it’s #7.5 at 1145 FPS. Third brings another 7.5 shot, but this time at 1200 FPS and 1 1/8th oz. Fourth on the list is a is another #7.5 load, this time at a spicy 1290 FPS thanks to only carrying 1 oz of shot. Last but not least is the second #8 shotshell, holding 1 1/8th oz of shot at 1200 FPS.

History of Peters Paper

Peters Paper shotshells were one of the highlight products of the Peters Cartridge Company. Founded in 1887, Peters produced high quality cartridges for all types of firearms. Remington purchased Peters in 1934, leading to the Remington-Peters company. That name is why, even to this day, many Remington products wear the headstamp “R-P”, honoring the legacy of the Remington-Peters company. Now under the guiding hand of Vista Outdoor Group, a revitalized Remington brings back the Peters shotshells, and looks to keep them on the market for years to come.

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