There’s a bird’s eye view, then there’s a Falcon view…

Named after the legendary F-16 Fighting Falcon, an American fighter jet known for having a cockpit with an exceptional field of view, the Falcon’s shield design allows shooters an exceptional view of their target with remarkable optical clarity.

Features include:
· A stunning, unobstructed field of view
· Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
· Extremely durable – A lifetime warranty on all solder joints (assuming normal use)
· Sleek and stylish
· Simple lens interchangeability

Product Specs:
· 3 interchangeable shield lens tints (with built-in nose pieces)
o HD – filters out blue light to increase contrast and clarity, the expert choice for medium light conditions
o Medium Yellow – highlights orange clay targets, enhances contrast and brightens in low light
o Dark Purple – great for bright conditions, contrasts orange targets against green and blue backgrounds
· 2 frame finishes
o Matte Black
o Brushed Pewter
· 2 sizes
o small
o medium/large
· NexPC lens material – NexPC is 5-6 times more impact resistant than standard polycarbonate with the same professional grade optics. During everyday use they remain 100% distortion free and scratch resistant.

“Designed specifically for the shooting market, the Falcon was engineered to sit higher than the average sport shield frame for the precise needs of a shooter.” said Peter Waszkiewicz, President/CEO of Randolph Engineering, Inc. “It combines a new, sleek, shield design with all the function and durability expected from our products. The interchangeable lenses and unobstructed field of view makes this frame a perfect choice for any shooting sport.”

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There's a bird's eye view, then there's a Falcon view... Named after the legendary…