Redfield® has made long-range shooting with its Revenge® riflescope easier than ever with the addition of Dial-N-Shoot™ (D-N-S™) ballistically calibrated dials.

Each Revenge D-N-S comes with five pre-engraved Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) elevation dials to match the ballistic profile of most common hunting cartridges. Simply install the dial that matches the correct ballistics for your ammunition, and long-range precision is as simple as Dial-N-Shoot.

The Revenge D-N-S features Redfield’s Accu-Plex™ reticle. Simply adjust the magnification until the game-sized target fits in the bracketing feature of the Accu-Plex reticle, then read the distance indicated in the top post.

Once distance is known, simply turn the D-N-S elevation dial to the correct distance, center the reticle and press the trigger. The Accu-Plex also features tic marks every 2 MOA on the horizontal stadia, allowing for accurate and repeatable wind holds.

Redfield Revenge also offers Accu-Ranger® (ABS) reticles, which provide fast range estimation and holdovers for many of the more popular cartridges. Simply adjust magnification until the game fits within the proper bracket (varmint, deer or elk/coyote). Then read the range in the top post, zoom to maximum magnification, and use the correct holdover point in the reticle to make the shot. ABS reticles are also available for crossbows and sabot/muzzleloaders.

No matter the game or the range, Redfield offers a reticle system to simplify the shot and help bring home the game.

The Redfield Revenge is completely waterproof, shockproof and fog proof, and is covered by the Redfield No Excuses™ full lifetime warranty.

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