The Remington Law Enforcement (RLE) Squeeg-E Universal 4-Gun Gun Cleaning System features the company’s Rem Squeeg-E that is designed to clean any-sized barrel in a single pass without patches. The system includes everything you need to clean all common-issue LEO firearms including handguns, shotguns, bolt-action and MSR type rifles.
The kit comes with Squeeg-Es and requisite bronze bore brushes for 5.56mm/.223, 7.62mm/.308, 9mm/.357/.38, .40/10mm, .45 and 12 Ga. along with three lengths (12, 26, and 39 inches) of coated cables, and a 12×28” cleaning mat. The kit also includes Rem Oil, Rem Action Cleaner and Rem All In (a water-based, all-in-one bore cleaner) for high performance, yet simplified cleaning. In addition, the system comes with cleaning and maintenance tools designed to simplify care of your duty firearms.

The entire system comes packed in a heavy-duty canvas range bag with a large internal compartment as well as three generous exterior pockets that organize all the cleaning gear, and a comfortable shoulder strap. In addition, there is a windowed identification holder on the bag’s rear panel as well as Velcro on the bag’s top for further customization using any LE department’s patch.

Together, the Remington system delivers the highest cleaning performance while reducing the time and total maintenance cost of caring for your duty firearms. For more information, call 800-243-9700 or visit

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