Time for the SHOT Show 2022 roundup where we show you all the products we didn't fully cover

All last week we covered press releases and new product launches; but it’s impossible to get to every single one of them. Here’s the SHOT Show 2022 Roundup, where we give you a quick update on everything that didn’t get an article of its own last week.

AG Composites New Carbon Fiber Stock Rifle Stock

First up in our SHOT Show 2022 Roundup is AG Composites, who expanded their stock lineup.

AG Composites proudly announces a new series of carbon fiber rifle stock designs that are both aesthetically appealing and highly functional – the Carbon K2. Formerly called AG Edge, the new name more accurately reflects the rugged nature of the product line. The Carbon K2 series features a functional buttstock, making it ideal for custom options such as QD cups. In addition, the bottom side of the forend is flat, which is optimal for mounting different rail systems. The pistol grip has just the right vertical angle for maximum comfort and control, and the palm swell is the ideal size for both target shooting and hunting enthusiasts.

AG Composites Press Release

The new stock’s price starts at $629 and increases with various options.

Andro Corp Introduces New Base Model AR10 Divergent .308 Rifle

Up next we have a new .308 rifle from Andro Corp:

The new base ACI receiver set includes many features Andro Corp. customers have been asking for, such as a skeletonized trigger group, flared mag well, and the Andro Corp. shield engraved on the upper. Made from billet aluminum, the new ACI base model AR10 Divergent will be initially offered in .30 with a 16 to 18-inch barrel with new calibers available soon.

Ando Corp press release

Ando projects the rifle will be available later this year with an MSRP of $1781.

MasterPiece Arms (MPA) The Matrix Professional Chassis

Up next in our SHOT Show 2022 Roundup is a new rifle chase from MasterPiece Arms. They’re one of the industry leaders in precision rifle chassis, and the new offering looks to continue that trend.

“Over the past several years, the competitive landscape of precision long-range shooting has changed dramatically. MasterPiece Arms has always been committed to developing new technology to give the shooter a better opportunity to hit more targets. Since 2015, our MPA Chassis have been the number one chassis in the PRS, and 2021 was an especially good year,” commented Phil Cashin, President of MasterPiece Arms.

He continued, “however, the shooting market continues to change and become more complex and difficult and so the equipment must continue to evolve to meet these demands. No other company within this long-range competitive market has continued to lead with new technology as much as we have at MPA. So, with that said, we are proud to present the Matrix Professional Chassis, our continued commitment to this endeavor.”

MPA Press Release

For more on the new chassis check out this link.

Blackhawk Knoxx AR Polymer Handguards

Up next we have Blackhawk’s latest addition to their AR product line.

Available in both carbine and mid-length models, Knoxx AR Handguards use integrated front hand stops with light texturing and an aluminum heat shield to give the shooter a safe, solid and comfortable grip on the rifle as well as to promote more precise shot placement. The lightweight polymer construction and heat shield also bolster the handguard’s overall durability so it can withstand bumps and bruises in the field or at the range.

Blackhawk Press Release

Visit https://blackhawk.com to see the full line of products

Blackhawk R.A.H.C. Belt Pack, N.A.C.H.O. Belly Band

We’re continuing the SHOT Show 2022 Roundup with more from Blackhawk!

The Stache R.A.H.C. Belt Pack is specifically designed for rapid access to your handgun by pulling up on the bottom of the storage compartment, which is held by rare earth magnets, or stealth access by using the top access zipper. Lightweight and with tough, 200D water-resistant polyester construction, the Stache R.A.H.C. is built around a rigid 1.5″ double layer SCUBA™ webbing that secures a Glock 19-sized Stache IWB holster or similar system (holster not included). This makes the Stache R.A.H.C. a good alternative when carrying inside-the-waistband isn’t practical.

The Stache N.A.C.H.O. Belly Band is a great concealed carry solution for those days a carrier might be wearing board shorts, gym shorts, sweatpants, yoga pants or a skirt. Constructed with a 4″ tall, double-ply elastic band and a hook-and-loop closure, the N.A.C.H.O. Belly Band hugs your body for a secure fit. Rigid 1.5″ double layer SCUBA webbing secures a Glock 19-sized Stache IWB holster or similar system (holster not included), plus other pockets hold cell phones, flashlights or spare magazines.

Blackhawk Press Release

Visit https://blackhawk.com to see the full line of products

Remington Cutlery Reborn

Remington continues its revitalization with the reintroduction of its cutlery lineup!

“So many of us grew up with a Remington knife or two in our pockets,” said Remington Director of Accessories Danny Evans. “Having Remington knives back for the next generation represents such an iconic part of the Remington name and history.”

Remington is introducing four main series of knives, with each series including pocket, folding and fixed blade knife variations. The Woodland Series, Backwoods Series, Hunter Series and Guide Series will feature distinctive design work paired with quality craftsmanship.

Remington Press Release

More on Remington’s knives is available here

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