Sports Afield is pleased to announce the launch of a new line of Sports Afield-branded gun safes designed and built by the highly respected Heritage Safe Company of Idaho.

The safes include a portable handgun safe secured with a cable as well as six models of large standalone safes designed for long guns. The large gun safes include 18-, 30-, 32-, 41-, 48-, and 60-gun models; all are fire-resistant and feature electronic locks. The first safes will be available this month at and Far West Sports; the remaining models will be rolled out in June at the same retail locations.

“Safe and secure gun storage is the responsibility of every gun owner and is more important today than ever before, said Sports Afield Publisher and CEO Ludo Wurfbain. “That is why we are particularly excited about these new gun safes, which provide an outstanding level of security at an affordable price.”

“The partnership between Heritage Safe Company and Sports Afield is one that this market needs,” said Troy Nielsen, president of Heritage Safe Company. “These brands represent trust and consumer confidence. Sports Afield is a longstanding and trusted brand in the hunting community. Combined with Heritage Safe Company’s reliable products, we are creating a cornerstone of safety and trust for our customers.”

The Sports Afield safes are the latest product introductions in Sports Afield’s successful and fast-growing licensing program.

“Over the past few years we have expanded our licensing program into a variety of products, including clothing, hunting gear, and home decor,” Wurfbain said. “While the magazine is the heart and soul of Sports Afield, our expansion of the brand through our licensing program makes us more accessible to our core audience while providing an opportunity to reach an even wider group of outdoor enthusiasts.”

Sports Afield, founded in 1887, is the oldest outdoor magazine in North America and today is America’s premier hunting adventure magazine, with a focus on exciting hunting stories, fine firearms, and the pursuit of big game around the world. Heritage Safe is the manufacturer of America’s finest gun, home, and office safes. By providing a means for responsibly securing guns and valuable personal possessions, Heritage Safe is transcending the industry boundaries with its unique commitment to providing the best-valued handcrafted safe on the market, while remaining the ultimate in providing unprecedented security and elegance.

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