The TacStar Adaptive Tactical 10-22 Stock and Monopod is the most advanced and versatile stock available for the extremely popular Ruger 10-22 rifle. The stock is loaded with more features than any other stock on the market.

• The butt stock is an adjustable M4 type that is equipped with storage compartments for two spare Ruger rotary magazines. (Magazines not included.)

• The pistol grip is designed to have an accessory Monopod that adjusts in height. The Monopod is a stand alone, single point rest. It can also be used with a bi-pod or forend rest to provide more stability. (Monopod sold separately)

• Reversible Picatinny rail is concealed in the forend. When installed with the Picatinny rail up inside the forend, the outside surface matches the rest of the stock. With it reversed, the Picatinny rail is exposed and a bi-pod or other accessories can be attached.

• The removable barrel insert allows the stock to fit either standard tapered barrels or .920” bull barrels, with no ugly gaps.

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