The Armored Group (TAG) is proud to announce the launch of their new Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport S AP (BATT). The newest BATT S AP was developed to provide unequalled safety features and tactical capabilities in the field for deployment, extraction and medic services.

The Armored Group’s BATT S AP was specifically designed for law enforcement agencies that needed armored personnel vehicles armored to protect against NIJ IV and .50 Caliber Ball Round threats, but had limited budgets available to outfit their tactical teams. This vehicle offers maximum protection on a patrol-sized Ford F-550 chassis, yet allows for the movement of 12-14 fully geared officers. Although sporting the Ford OEM hood, we used our extensive experience in the armored SUV and Sedan field to incorporate the engine bay armor protection behind the fenders, behind the headlights and under the hood.

The BATT Family of armored personnel carriers have more tactical advantages built into the vehicle than any other unit on the market. The base model units give a department the safest, most upgradeable, flexible, and versatile armored vehicle platform specifically designed for law enforcement available today.

Some of the specific, state-of-the-art features of the BATT S AP include:

· Designed to hold 12-14 officers

· Advanced engineered curved 1-piece wall design

· Armor behind front fenders, behind head lights, & under hood

· Custom designed flip-up rescue seat to allow side entry/exit

· Adjustable (3-height) custom flush-in-floor sniper step

· Passenger cabin door custom designed to allow entry/exit

· Flip-out running boards to provide a safer platform for officers riding on the rails

· Rotating turret with multiple locking positions and optic ready port

· Large rear HVAC system

· Roof and side wall insulation

· 4 x 4

· V Mux control panel system

· Extended rear officers area to hold more officers

· Under seat storage

· Re-engineered to accept the NIJ IV and .50 caliber ballistic ammo protection packages

· The only size unit available in its’ price range

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