When devastating weather strikes the first thing to go is often the power grid. Ensure the ability to keep electronic devices powered, and stay connected to what is happening in the immediate area with Tracer® battery packs.

“Ever since I picked up a Hawke® Optics Tracer® battery, it seems to have taken up permanent residence in my daily work bag. As a professional photojournalist, this lithium polymer battery pack has become invaluable to me. I use it to charge my phone and camera batteries when I’m on the go.” Chad Ryan, President and Chief Photographer for INMedia Source (, has been using the batteries for several months. “Sometimes my smartphone is my only means of transmitting image files to my clients, so the importance of a charged phone during a spot news situation goes without saying.

Additionally, because of its surprisingly low weight, I barely know this battery is in my backpack. The Tracer® battery has become an important addition to my workflow, but it goes without saying that it is also a great resource to keep around the house. In any emergency situation, I can rely on the Tracer® battery to keep all my devices, flashlights and other safety necessities up and running for days.”

Hurricane Sandy left as many as 8.5 million people without power, some for as long as thirteen days. In this increasingly electronic age, access to information is dictated by access to the power needed to run electronic devices. In the wake of tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters the ability to keep personal electronic devices powered dictates a victim’s ability to stay informed about rapidly changing local conditions. The Tracer® lithium polymer battery packs provide enough power to charge personal electronic devices multiple times, but are still small and light enough to keep in a family emergency kit or bug-out-bag. The Tracer® battery packs provide power through a standard 12v AC plug, providing almost unlimited flexibility for the devices it can power. The lithium polymer power cell can hold a charge for 6 months when stored, so there is no constant maintenance to ensure it is ready to go when it is needed. With battery packs ranging from 4ah to 22ah, Tracer® has the battery to suit numerous emergency situations, but usage is not limited to emergencies. With minimal adapting, Tracer® batteries can be used to charge cameras, lights, or electronic devices when time is spent away from traditional power sources. Camping, fishing, hunting, or backpacking, a Tracer® lithium polymer battery pack ensures electronic devices are fully charged. Tracer® battery and lighting solutions are distributed by Hawke® Sport Optics. To view the full line of Tracer® battery packs visit

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When devastating weather strikes the first thing to go is often the power grid.…