Howling across the tactical community, Blue Force Gear is unleashing their product line in Urban Wolf—a specific shade of grey that blends well in many urban environments. In low-light situations the easiest colors to see are those with the highest contrast: white and so called “tactical” black. Grey is a mid-tone and therefore, has low contrast against average backgrounds—making it a good drab solid in a wide variety of situations and surroundings.

With the ever-growing focus on security in densely populated urban, suburban, and industrial environments, security forces need a pattern that works with man-made settings and yet is not overtly camouflage. Urban Wolf load carriage equipment works with blue, black, ranger green, and Arc’teryx LEAF Wolf uniforms in the urban direct action role as well as blending with civilian apparel for low visibility special reconnaissance missions.

“Urban Wolf is basically the color of wet concrete, near the color values of asphalt, steel, and reflective glass,” said John Felushko, Blue Force Gear’s Product Line Manager. “It was designed by Arc’teryx specifically as a better alternative to black and blue in the SWAT role but because of its ability to blend with diverse terrains, we like it as a general purpose colorway for many missions, terrains, and tactics.”

About Blue Force Gear, Inc.

Blue Force Gear designs the best weapon slings and leads the lightweight equipment revolution with its Ten-Speed multi-use pouches. They also reinvented MOLLE to be the world’s lightest with their revolutionary MOLLEminus technology and Helium Whisper pouch attachment system. Unrivaled innovation and attention to detail set Blue Force Gear apart from others in the tactical equipment industry.


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