Command Arms Accessories (CAA) will soon be offering the MSE line of red dot reflex sights, the AQC (Accurate Quick “Chot”) family—revolutionary red dot sights developed by Israeli Defense force (IDF) LTC (ret) Mikey Hartman. Mikey’s illustrious 22-year career as the founder and former commander of Israel’s marksmanship and sharp shooting school where he designed and supervised the complete implementation of sights and weapon systems in the IDF.

LTC Hartman wrote the entire IDF shooting doctrine and was responsible for teaching every soldier in the Israeli army how to shoot. Elite fighting units from around the world have undergone his training regimen. His career made him acutely aware of the shortcomings of the current generation of red dot sights. Since his retirement, Mikey has used his expertise to design the next generation of the most fighter friendly red dot reflex sights in the world. The AQC’s series of sights combine many new and unique fighter friendly features not found in any other red dot reflex sight. MSE has designed the most advanced red dot sight available today allowing for accuracy that has never been seen before in a reflex sight.

The series also include a reflex sight combined with an integral laser designator ( visible and/or IR) called the AQC-2. This feature is ideal for CQB situations where speed is of the essence. The laser provides instinctive target engagement without having to utilize the sighting system. This provides quicker target acquisition while moving, running or charging.

Ultimate accuracy-truly parallax free design combined with a uniquely sharp reticle, enabling faster target acquisition and higher accuracy.

Every AQC sight comes with three different reticles: first- for CQB (quick shooting), second –open terrain/ long distance/small targets (accurate shooting) and third – a red dot for shooter’s preference.
The reticles have four brightness levels for day light and four brightness levels for night that can be used with any night vision optics, the brightness level choices are specifically effective in urban warfare situations even when the operator is inside of a dark room and targets are in bright sunlight.
All MSE sights feature the sharpest, most circular red dot available today with a 1.7 MOA and providing a 2” dot at 109 yards.
Largest rectangular window (1.377” x 1.18” or 1.33” x 0.984.”) of any reflex sight today provides a wider field of view and quicker target acquisition.
Unique anti-glare lens for stealth operations is designed to eliminate sunlight reflection as can be seen in other sight’s mirror like lenses. The reticle cannot be seen from the target side making sure that nothing exposes the operator’s position.
Models are available with visible and/or IR (Infrared) lasers.
MSE’s dual laser sight has both lasers exiting from the same window insuring identical ballistic path, this model includes a forearm grip with integral switches for the reticle and both visible and IR lasers.
Proprietary window glass coatings significantly reduce the transmission of the red wavelengths in background light thru the glass making the red dot brighter during daylight use
All switches (Power On/Off, Brightness Level and Reticle Selection) are located on the face of the sight for ease of operator access and protection from accidental activation.
Activation, reticle selection and brightness levels can also be controlled by the optional Push To Transmit (PTT) pressure switch, therefore, the operator retains a two handed grip and full control of the firearm at all times.
All sights are designed so power can’t be turned off by the PTT switch, insuring the operator does not inadvertently turn off the sight.
PTT switch is waterproof and comes with a Velcro sleeve that can be mounted to any forearm grip or hand guard.
All sights contains a motion sensor which will turn off the sight if no movement occurs for 30 minutes to conserve battery life. Movement turns the sight back on. “Sleep mode” can be disabled for ambush situations. MSE sights are the only red dot sights with sleep mode disengagement.
Choice of battery selection includes CR123 Lithium,3.6 v 1/2AA Lithium, or 3.6v AA lithium battery powered models.
Battery life is between 1500-3000 hrs. Depending on model, with the use of the sleep mode the battery life can be up to one year.
Low battery indicator on the sight window blinks every 10 minutes during the last two hours of battery life.
Windage and elevation knobs are hand adjustable requiring no tools. Unique turn and pull adjustment knobs prevent unintentional adjustment.
MSE Sights are compatible with all BUIS and/or optical magnifiers.
Manufactured with a rugged & durable composite of reinforced polymer cover, MSE sights stand up to abuse.
MSE sights come complete with implementation course which include: a zeroing target, IDF range training manual including specific day/night scenarios & instructional video. The IDF scenarios and exercises are to insure complete operator competence in product use. MSE doesn’t provide just a sight and an instruction manual but a complete three day training course with video instruction to take your shooting skills to the next level and train as the professionals train.
One year warranty covers everything except negligence and abuse.

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