After hunting in south Georgia for over 30 years, David Ivey wondered one day how he could bring the beauty and adventure of the outdoors to his family and friends and keep an eye on the deer activity at his property. Then, his love for the outdoors and technology crossed and an idea was born –, an innovative website dedicated to outdoor sports enthusiasts and anyone who loves nature.

“So many people love the outdoors and when you are able to bring pure, unspoiled nature into your home or office it just adds something special to your day…and it’s fun to see animals reacting in their natural environment…you never know what’s going to happen next!”, said David Ivey, President of id enterprises, inc., based in Roswell, Georgia. (

Parent company, id enterprises, inc., designs and installs software systems for businesses and governmental agencies all over the US. David Ivey’s love for nature was stirred at an early age growing up in South Georgia. Bringing the idea of live animal viewing on the Internet is a natural extension of his interest in technology.

Technology Used in Nature

The website displays six cameras from various farms and woodlands around the US including Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Canada and more. One of the cameras is set-up to allow for web viewers to remotely move the camera including zooming in and then following animals as they approach the feeders. Some cameras are Powered by solar cells and uploaded via the cellular network, has evolved into a huge success. The site also features past galleries of images of bear, raccoons, snakes and even the occasional peacock and hog. David also updates the site with hunting and viewing news periodically.

Images and updates can be found at the FaceBook page by searching for WatchTheDeer.

Strong Nature Following for Advertisers is funded by advertising from both outdoor and outdoor-related organizations including feeder and rifle manufacturers, SUV and truck makers and outdoor hunting gear makers of all kinds. Advertisers get a to target a very specific message to a deer and outdoor audience that gets very strong following. The best attribute of the site is the extremely long “watch time” of roughly 9 minutes. Unlike most sites on the web that typically only have a 2-3 minute “staying time” on the site viewers of enjoy watching live animal and nature viewing for long periods of time, which makes the advertising value 2-3 times more impactful.

“We get nearly 50,000 viewers of our site each month according to Google’s stats. We are really glad the people from all over the world want to see the beauty and wild untamed nature around us”, said Ivey. Ivey says outdoor retailers can even use the site in their store to help bring the live aspect of nature indoors, for a nominal licensing fee. From time to time, Ivey also helps other ranchers, farmers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts set-up live remote camera systems on their property.

For information on how to use this site in your retail store, how to advertise or how to set up a camera system like those on, contact David Ivey at (770) 587-5223 at id enterprises.

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After hunting in south Georgia for over 30 years, David Ivey wondered one day…