Wilderness Tactical Products’ “Stretchable” accessories now include expanded carriers for AA and AAA batteries as well as .30-30, .308 and .30-06 calibers. In what has become one of Wilderness’ most successful recent product introductions, the famed manufacturer has “stretched” their popular accessory lineup even further. With every product proudly made in the U.S.A., Wilderness Tactical continues to push the limits of tactical gear innovation and practicality with new product introductions several times per year.

“As we rolled out the Stretchable line, we found an increased demand to expand it into shotgun shells, batteries and now several calibers of ammo—there’s really no limit to the usefulness of this unique tactical accessory,” explained Ralph Holzhaus, founder of Wilderness Tactical Products.

The Wilderness “Stretchable Thing” accessory line is made of durable heavy-duty elastic webbing and are able to fit small or large carabiners for convenient toting of batteries, ammunition, shotgun shells, markers, light sticks, flash drives, or really anything you can snugly fit within the cylindrical carriers. Initially made to accompany their customers in the great outdoors, Wilderness is finding that their customers are taking advantage of the carabiner option and using them around the house, in the garage and even in vehicles.

About Wilderness Tactical Products:
Wilderness Tactical Products, L.L.C. was founded in 1981 to fill the needs of people who demanded durable, high-quality equipment. Their products have been tested from the icy mountain peaks of South America to the blistering Sonoran desert for nearly 30 years and they have proven themselves time and again. Wilderness Tactical Product’s branded products have consistently been favorites of serious outdoors people, mountain climbers, search and rescue, American Pistol Institute and Gunsite personnel, as well as armed military, intelligence, police, instruction and civilian professionals around the world. For additional information please call 1-800-775-5650 or visit

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Wilderness Tactical Products’ “Stretchable” accessories now include expanded carriers for AA and AAA batteries…