the IDPA Sheepdog CCP championship is the premiere carry gun only match of the season

The IDPA Sheepdog CCP Championship started in 2017 as a way for shooters to compete in a special match just for carry guns. It’s back in 2021 as a showcase match for IDPA shooters who want to close out the year with just a little more shooting.

IDPA Divisions Explained

The IDPA Sheepdog CCP Championship is one of several “Special” IDPA championship matches that feature only one or two divisions. CCP is IDPA’s Compact Carry Pistol division. It provides a division where real world carry guns can compete alongside one another. The rules are set up for guns that are about the size of a GLOCK 19 and smaller. Additionally, capacity is capped at 8 rounds. While this may not reflect how many rounds you have in your carry gun, it creates a level playing field for all guns in the division regardless of magazine capacity.

IDPA Sheepdog CCP Classes and Categories

With over 200 registered shooters, the CCP Championship is one of the largest IDPA Special matches. Because there’s only one division, everyone is competing heads up for the trophy. On the other hand, standard IDPA matches have multiple divisions for different types of pistols, and even for pistol caliber carbines. Here are the winners for the 2021 IDPA Sheepdog CCP Championship:

  • Overall: Luigi Li
  • Lady: Joyce Hernandez
  • Master: Luigi Li
  • Expert: Karl Eutsler
  • Sharpshooter: Ed Moser
  • Marksman: Ryan Highfield
  • Most Accurate: Skip Darden
  • Senior: Karl Eutsler
  • Military: Jarrod Miller
  • Veteran: Jason Brown
  • Law Enforcement: Pat Doyle
  • Industry: Jeff Nelson

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in the 2021 IDPA Sheepdog CCP Challenge. It looks like thanks to strong continuing participation, the match will return for a sixth year in 2022. You can find next year’s match on Practiscore, although registration hasn’t opened yet.

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