The Hornady A-Tip bullet is once again the bullet of choice of PRS

The Precision Rifle Series (PRS) once again welcomes Hornady as an Affiliate Sponsor of the series. They’re also announcing the Hornady A-Tip bullet as the Official Bullet of the PRS for the 2022 season.

Hornady is Deeply Embedded in the PRS Community

“We are beyond thrilled to officially announce our 2022 partnership with Hornady as an Affiliate Sponsor and the Official Bullet of the Precision Rifle Series! Hornady is an industry giant within the PRS community. Quality, continuous improvement, innovation, and customer service are the bedrock principles on which the company was built. Their endless product advancements and award-winning match bullets make them exceptional partners of the largest precision rifle organization in the world.” said PRS Director Shannon Kay.

The Hornady team has worked tirelessly to ensure high levels of accuracy over long distances for PRS competitors. Hornady has made a lasting impact on our firing lines with the Hornady A-Tip bullet. A-Tip Match bullets feature an aluminum tip that’s precision machined and longer than polymer tips. This moves the center of gravity and enhances inflight stability, resulting in tighter groups and reduced drag variability. In addition, A-Tip bullets are sequentially packaged for the ultimate in consistent performance.

The Hornady A-Tip Bullet is the Projectile of Champions

Open Champion, Austin Orgain, won the PRS Golden Bullet during the 2020 and 2021 season using Hornady 6mm 110 gr. A-Tip Match bullets. Doug Koenig claimed first place in the PRS Production Division shooting 6mm 110 gr. A-Tip bullets and Mark Cooper took first place in the Tactical Division shooting 30 cal. 176 gr. A-Tip bullets. Top PRS shooter, Dave Preston took second place overall. His teammates, Clay Blackketter and Tate Streater placing ninth and tenth overall, respectively. All three shooters competed in the Open Division and used Hornady 6mm 110 gr. A-Tip bullets. This year marks the third consecutive year that Hornady A-Tip bullets were used by not only the winner of the PRS Pro Series Finale but numerous competitors finishing in the top ten, division wins, and beyond. We look forward to the continued success of our shooters with Hornady’s support.

Upcoming PRS Matches

This July 8th-9th be on the lookout for the annual Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge. Match directors George Gardner and Bryan Sikes will be returning. This is a PRS Pro Series AG Cup Qualifier located in Utah close to the Wyoming border. The range is on a breathtaking 200,000-acre private ranch. Hornady will also be a primary sponsor of the PRS AG Cup Series. Only the elite shooters in the PRS community compete in the AG Cup Series. As a result, it’s home to ten of the most prestigious PRS matches in the country.

Furthermore, the PRS also looks forward to working with the Hornady team to successfully leverage the partnership to directly support membership, elevate national pro series competitions, and grow the sport. The PRS will host 40+ of the most renowned national-level precision rifle competitions in the nation. Lastly, the 2022 PRS Finale taking place on November 5th-6th is at K&M Shooting Complex located in Finger, Tennessee. Hornady will be sponsoring the event.

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