The major match results for April 1st included the 2022 USPSA Multigun National results
(Photo by United States Practical Shooting Association)

Welcome to our rundown of the major match results for April 1st and the following two days. We had two big matches over the weekend, the biggest of which is the United States Practical Shooting Association Multigun Nationals.

Tennessee State IDPA Championship

Before we get into the biggest of the major match results for April 1st, we’ll cover the International Defensive Pistol Association’s Tennessee State Championship.

The TN State match was well attended, with over 200 shooters showing up to pull triggers. Unsurprisingly, Carry Optics was the most popular division, 72 shooters competed here. The Carry Optics champion is Michael Thompson, taking the win by 2 seconds over second place. Impressively, Michael won despite hitting two non-threat targets during the match. Normally 10 seconds of penalties is a match killer.

Every current IDPA division had shooters at the TN state match, include Back Up Gun (BUG) division. The BUG Division winner is Randy Harris. Moving on to the other divisions, your winners are broken down below:

  • CCP: Doug Klueh
  • CDP: Nathan Yeager
  • ESP: Brad Edens
  • PCC: Derek Giddings
  • SSP: Kevin Sheaffer

Additionally, the Revolver division winner is Shawn Upchurch. Shawn did incur a procedural penalty during the match, but in spite of that still pretty much beat the brakes off the division. His margin of victory was around 23 seconds, which if this was football, for example, would be like winning 45-10. Shawn and I had quite a battle at the 2021 Illinois State Match, where I just squeaked out a victory. I’m glad to see him rolling up victories! Finally, High Lady for the match is Tricia Horvath, shooting Carry Optics.

2022 USPSA Multigun Nationals Results

As mentioned above, the biggest of the major match results for April 1st and the following days is USPSA Multigun Nationals. There were five divisions represented at the 2022 Multigun Nationals:

  • Heavy Metal Limited
  • Heavy Metal Tactical
  • Limited
  • Tactical
  • Open

Only 139 shooters took part in Multigun Nationals this year. In fact, the two Heavy Metal divisions combined only had four shooters, and if you combine the results in to a single division, Barry Dueck takes the win there. On the other hand, Tactical Division was well represented. 69 shooters battled it out in Tactical. Additionally, Tactical featured a shocking upset, with Nate Staskiewicz from the Army Marksmanship Unit just edging past Daniel Horner to dethrone the defending champion. Nate’s margin of victory was 0.04%, which shows just how tight a battle this was.

Limited Division’s winner is Houston Russell, and additionally Jon Wiedell takes home the win in Open. Lastly, in news that will surprise no one, Lena Miculek wins High Lady in an absolute run away. Combining the Lady’s category across all divisions, Lena beats 2nd Place Lanny Barnes from Open division by about 8%. 3rd place in the Lady category was so far back she couldn’t see Lena with binoculars.

If you shot in a major match that I didn’t cover, and would like to see it covered in our weekly roundups, shoot me an email at and we’ll get it covered!

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