our major match results cover 9 big matches

It was a busy weekend in the shooting sports. Our major match results cover USPSA, IDPA, and also Steel Challenge today.

IDPA Major Match Results

Alright, let’s get started with the International Defensive Pistol Association. IDPA featured three major matches over the weekend.

2022 Rollin’ on the River IDPA Championship

  • CCP: Seth Hayden
  • CDP: Wayne Lemond
  • CO: Gil Luz
  • ESP: Maximus White
  • PCC: Chris Brown
  • REV: Allen Davis
  • SSP: Jarrod Miller
  • High Lady Overall: Ann Marie Trew

Delaware State 2022 IDPA Championship

  • CCP: Aidos Bekturganov
  • CDP: David Olhasso
  • CO: Eric Sczesny
  • ESP: James McGinty
  • REV: Chuck Limpert
  • SSP: Michael Haskin
  • High Lady Overall: Christine Parsons

2022 RISE Armament OK State Championship

  • BUG: David Hollingsworth
  • CCP: Guy Joubert
  • CDP: Craig Bellamy
  • CO: Kevin Farrar
  • ESP: Mike Seeklander
  • PCC: Matt Smith
  • REV: Derek Hill
  • SSP: Kyle Fender
  • High Lady Overall: Memarie Lawrence

USPSA Major Match Results

Moving on, we also have major match results from the United States Practical Shooting Association.

2022 Inland Empire Sectional

  • Carry Optics: Hwansik Kim
  • Limited: Matthew Evancic
  • Open: Jordan Rogers
  • PCC: Gary Chan
  • Production: Marcel Englmaier
  • Single Stack: John Kitson
  • High Lady Overall: Joanne Tegtmeyer

Team Motley Dragons Cup 2.0

  • Carry Optics: Christian Sailer
  • Limited: Gianni Giordano
  • Open: KC Eusebio
  • PCC: Max Leograndis
  • Production: Matthew Nash
  • Revolver: Vincent Guenther
  • Single Stack: Phil Strader
  • High Lady Overall: Justine Williams (PCC)

2022 LimCat Custom and Precision Delta Mississippi Classic

  • Carry Optics: Tom Castro
  • Limited: Sebastio Filho
  • Open: Brennan Conaway
  • PCC: Brendan Souder
  • Production: John Wooten
  • Revolver: Alex Bakken
  • Single Stack: Larry Huff
  • High Lady Overall: Sloan Sanders

Steel Challenge Major Match Results

Lastly, we have three matches from the Steel Challenge Shooting Association. In addition to the Area 8 Steel Championship, there were also two other matches. As usual, we’ll combine some of the categories, for example all rimfire rifle gets rolled into category.

2022 EGW Area 8 Steel Challenge Championship

  • Centerfire Pistol Optics: Ryan Wagner, Open
  • Centerfire Pistol Irons: Mike Willoughby, Iron Sight Revolver
  • PCC: Derek Downing
  • Rimfire Pistol: Ryan Wagner
  • Rimfire Rifle: Dave Wilde
  • High Lady Overall: Kaitlin Benthin

2022 Steel Challenge Spring Classic

  • Centerfire Pistol Optics: Jesse Misco
  • Centerfire Pistol Irons: Will Phillips
  • PCC: Jesse Misco
  • Rimfire Pistol: Jesse Misco
  • Rimfire Rifle: Jesse Misco
  • High Lady Overall: Kylie Wells

Second Annual Steve McCormick Memorial Championhip

And lastly, we have one final Steel Challenge match.

  • Centerfire Pistol Optics: Richard Setting
  • Centerfire Pistol Irons: Danny Mahelka
  • PCC: Trenton Mitsuoka
  • Rimfire Pistol: Nicholas Semenov
  • Rimfire Rifle: Trenton Mitsuoka
  • High Lady Overall: Andrea Case

Although there were a lot of matches this past weekend, we’re sure we didn’t get them all. For example, if there was a PRS or similar long range match, it didn’t catch the radar. So if you want your match to be included, make sure to send an email to cgiddings@athlonoutdoors.com with a link to the practiscore registration page. For instance, you could say something like “Hey Caleb, I’m shooting in the Lead Star Arms Sniper Challenge next weekend, can you include it?”

Regardless, congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend. Hope to see you on the range!

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