the quietkat range is a capable electronic ATV

Shot Show 2022 was much different than the shows of the past. Yes, there were less people and less vendors but there was more of a few things. One of those things was a mess of new, innovative, and just plain awesome new tactical vehicles. From off road monsters to technologically advanced electric bikes here are some of my favorites from Shot Show 2022.

Tomcar TX

This may very well be the ultimate off-road machine. Built completely from the ground up starting with a fully welded frame utilizes armored steel on load-bearing components and an aircraft-grade aluminum skid plate for unsurpassable impact protection. The available gas or electric power train pushes 115hp to the wheels. The entire drive train is located above the skid plate and out of harm’s way. 3 different models are available to match your exact needs. Additionally, all three models can carry up to their own weight on top of them. 100% payload capacity on and off road. Embrace the power, stability, and payload of the new Tomcar TX.  From the battlefield to the mud-baked trails and everything in-between — there is no limit with the Tomcar TX. Starting at $21,000

Hydratrex CM66

This is basically an amphibious mini-tank for duck hunting?

The CM66 is a smaller version of Hydratrex’s larger amphibious tactical vehicles. This monster utilizes the chassis design of the Hydratrek products and the Land Tamer gearbox and driveshaft drive system. Outdoorsmen and waterfowlers will love this model due to it’s compact size with incredible capabilities. The CM66 features a 57 HP Kubota gasoline engine, marine-grade aluminum construction, a hydrostatic drive system, and all-wheel drive. You can choose to run the Hydratrex with or without the track system.

Seating for up to 5 persons is available, and other options include 18″ track system, rear water propulsion, LED light bars, front and rear electric winch, and a full cage with storage racks. The land payload is 1,400 lb., and the water payload is 1,000 lb. The CM66 is generating a lot of excitement due to its smaller size and superior reliability. This thing is pretty much a mini tank. Find out more at

LyteHorse LH4 4WD Electric Performance Vehicle

I love off road vehicles and normally I turn my nose up at electric offerings but this 4wd stand up ATV from LyteHorse really piqued my interest. Being a Michigan boy, I am pretty excited that these are also from Michigan. The LyteHorse LH4 4WD go-anywhere Electric Performance Vehicle is designed for the hunter and outdoor sportsman. Super quiet operation enables you to get to that favorite hunting spot without scaring the game away for miles. Available with a choice of gear racks, jump seat, and many other options as well as trailers and lights. The LH4 will be able to travel 80 miles per charge at a top speed of 40 MPH over pretty much all terrains thanks to the 4 electric motors, 1 in each wheel. Reserve yours today at    Starting at $16,997

The Rook by Ring Power

For only 300k the Rook is basically your own killdozer

The Rook is quite possibly the ultimate in tactical vehicles. Custom designed and fabricated by Ring Power Corporation using a Cat chassis with rubber tracks, dual joystick controls, cameras, gun port holes, rear and front lights, an enclosed cab with air conditioning/heat, and operator comfort seat. The Rook also features bullet-proof glass, and a full NIJ Level IV armored cab with reinforcement fabrication on every square inch. The Rook is designed to utilize a plethora of heavily armored accessories and breeching tools as well.

The Armored Deployment Platform is a custom built NIJ Level IV platform that provides room for up to four fully-dressed officers and is equipped with two locking gun ports, four 5” x 9” sliding gun ports, four bullet proof glass sight ports, and 2 wireless video cameras attached to the front of the platform with video feed to the equipment operator. The Hydraulic Breaching Ram attachment delivers 6,500 psi of pressure and much more power than a traditional hand-carried ram. The Grapple Claw can be utilized to gain access to pretty much anywhere and destroy anything with its 4,500 lbs. of pressure. You can also get a Vehicle Extraction Tool which can move vehicles or even lift vehicles when needed. When the zombies come this is the vehicle you want to have on your side. Check it out at Starting at only $334,000

Quietkat Ranger E-Bike

Built for exploration, the Ranger E-Bike will take you where you want, or need, to go. The QuietKat Ranger is a fat tire electric bike with a durable but well-balanced frame and a powerful 750- or 1000-watt rear hub motor. A full charge will get you up to 48 miles while using any and all of the modes which include 5 levels of pedal assist, throttle mode, and walk Assist Mode. The Ranger tackles rough terrain steadily and confidently. QuietKat’s performance component package includes 203mm mechanical disc brakes, a front suspension fork, and an all-new integrated heavy-duty rear rack system for carrying even more gear! The Ranger is the ideal companion for a weekend exploring deep into the forest or silently heading to your favorite hunting spot. Staring at $3499  

Bakcou Timberwolf Scooter

A scooter may not meet your definition of tactical vehicles but this Timberwolf is rugged and goes anywhere

When you’re thinking “tactical vehicles” you’re probably not thinking “scooters.” But Bakcou wants to change your mind with Timberwolf. High powered and built for the backcountry, the Timberwolf lives up to its name. The new, all-terrain scooter can take you anywhere you want to go. It is built with a Bafang 750-Watt rear hub motor, the same motor found in their eBikes but in a lighter weight scooter. The Timberwolf can carry up to 300 pounds and will cruise at about 20mph thanks to the 48V 17.5ah battery.

The Timberwolf is fully equipped with Tektro dual-piston brakes in the front and rear, 400 Lumen Headlight, a Rear Pannier Rack, Front Basket Rack, and Front and Rear Mud Fenders. The 24-inch front tire makes climbing over rocky terrain a breeze. Foldable handlebars make hauling this scooter to the mountains a breeze, and the kickstand helps keep it upright. The Timberwolf is fun, maneuverable, and easy to transport, making it a great addition to your backcountry gear. Check these scooters out at MSRP 2,898.00

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