August Free Gun Friday: Polymer80 PFC9 Compact and PFS9 Full Size Complete Pistols Plus 500 Rounds of Black Hills Ammo!

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The Guns: Polymer80 PFC9 Compact and PFS9 Full Size Complete Pistols

The new PFC9™ & PFS9™ Complete Pistols combine innovative ergonomics and features to provide the ultimate in shootability and comfortable concealment. Built with high-strength reinforced polymer construction, the P80® Pistol Frames include our aggressive standard texture on the sides, front and backstrap for a supreme grip in harsh environments. 

Our complete slide features front and rear serrations coupled with clean, modern lines and a heavy front chamfer which allows effective manipulation and holstering of a P80® pistol while maintaining a low-key aesthetic profile.

Features of the Frame

  • 1911 Grip Angle
  • Double Undercuts at the trigger guard.
  • Smoothed out and extended beaver tail
  • Thumb ledge/accelerator cut
  • Aggressive Grip texture that emulates a stippled pattern
  • Picatinny rail

Features of the Slide and Barrel

  • Both made with stainless steel
  • Both coated in Black Nitride
  • The slide offers angled rear and front serrations

Features of the Parts Kit

  • All parts designed and manufactured by Polymer80
  • Our trigger is Flat-faced polymer
  • MADE In the USA

The Ammo: Black Hills 9mm Luger +P 100gr HoneyBadger

The HoneyBadger is Black Hills new line of ammunition that does not have hollow point. 9mm Luger +P 100gr HoneyBadger doesn't need hollow points and does not depend on them for performance. The copper projectile is near barrier blind and its optimized nose flutes; mixed with total weight and velocity, create devastating permanent wound cavities.

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How Does “Free Gun Friday” Work?

We’ve partnered with a different manufacturer for every month of 2019.

For the first Friday of every month, we’ll announce the new giveaway gun. On that day, we’ll open up the sweepstakes for readers to enter and win the gun. We’ll also release our first video on the gun, where you can learn about what you’re entering to win.

On the second and third Fridays of each month, we’ll release two more videos showing the gun in action. Our experts have taken it to the range and run it through drills to make sure it’s ready to rock by the time it gets to you.

Which brings us to the last day of the month when the sweepstakes ends. The next week we will select a winner and send out an email notifying the lucky reader.