Reloading Zone: Learn the Basics of Reloading Ammo

Handloading, the art of reloading ammunition, is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. Those who decide to craft their own rounds enjoy better accuracy, reduced-cost, and the uninterrupted supply of their favorite rounds. 

Join us in the “Reloading Zone” as Frank Melloni, of Renaissance Firearms Instruction and the Hodgdon Reloading Roadshow, takes us through the basic steps of reloading to get us up and running. From equipment selection to reading a manual, Frank will not only thoroughly explain the process, but demonstrate how to make rounds that will be the best you have ever shot through your rifle or pistol.

In this series we set up our Frankford Arsenal reloading bench with RCBS equipment and create some high-quality ammunition through the use of Starline brass, Hodgdon powder, and Barnes Bullets

This four-part series is broken down in a way that guides the new reloader from the gun store to their workshop, through the process, and back to the range.

Learn More in the 2020 Issue of The Complete Book of Reloading

The 2020 issue of Complete Book of Reloading is packed with a wide array of new products released this year to make your work more productive. We’ve also included a roundup of progressive presses to help you crank out rifle and pistol ammo with speed and precision!

  • HANDLOADER’S STOCKPILE  - A collection of the newest products to make your hours at the bench more productive
  • MAKE MINE A .357  - Even at 85 years of age, this workhorse cartridge can still hit with authority
  • CRANK UP THE VOLUME  - A look at eight progressive presses that will ramp up your productivity
  • SPEED READER - Has the chronograph finally met its match with LabRadar?
  • BUDGET BUILD-A-BOLT  - Build you own DIY rifle when you’re ready to up your precision game
  • THE MAGIC MILE - Fire up your long-range pursuits by loading the new and big 6.5 PRC
  • LONG & QUIET  - Subsonic rounds for your centerfire offer the ultimate in fun and stealth
  • .44 MAGNUM DOUBLE PLAY - A quest to find one load that’ll be spot on for both a rifle and a revolver
  • WILDCAT FEVER - Our resident mad wildcatter takes you through the history of his affliction
  • BEAR COUNTRY 10MMS - A Ruger Redhawk goes head-to-head with a S&W 610 to find the hottest handloads

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