Ask any soldier or serious outdoorsman what their favorite knife is and the answer will usually be some type of multi-tool. I’ve carried and used different types of multi-tools for years and believe they are probably the greatest innovation for the knife industry since the advent of steel. Quality multi-tools, no matter the brand, simply offer the user more options relative to their size and weight. And while they may not be the best tools for the job in many circumstances, they are probably the most practical if you have to choose only one tool to carry on a daily basis.

multitools.gifFor the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing two of the newest additions to the industry’s vast multi-tool lineup: the CRKT “Guppie” and “ZillaTool.” Both of these make up the introductory products to CRKT’s new I.D. Works line. The Guppie is a unique tool that features a 2-inch knife blade, adjustable wrench, screwdriver set, bottle opener and LED light. Its design allows it to be carried with the pocket clip or snapped in place using the carabineer gate. The tool has a detachable screwdriver bit carrier and comes in at a whopping size of 3-1/2 inches long and a little over 4 ounces without the bits.

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