MAGNUM FIGHTER: Kevin Hoffman’s “357 Magnum” model fighter features a 7-inch blade of S30V stainless steel on a handle of sandblasted black linen Micarta. The blade has been given a two-tone camo pattern coating for an added tactical advantage. Hoffman can be contacted at 28 Hopeland Dr., Dept. TK, Savannah, GA 31419; 912-920-3579

MACE DAGGER: Given that the name of this knife is the Combat Camper Dagger, Mace Vitale must go hiking in some interesting places! The 7-inch blade is forged from 1084 carbon steel and the carp-skin-covered handle tang is given a wrap of green paracord. Vitale can be contacted at 925 Rt. 80, Dept. TK, Guilford, CT 06437; 203-457-5591

HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER: Dylan Fletcher’s High Plains Drifter fighting Bowie sports a full 10-inch long blade of O-1 carbon steel on a handle of paper ivory and black canvas Micarta. The handle pins are made of black canvas Micarta and high-strength fiberglass. Flecther can be contacted at 46021 Gardner Dr., Dept. TK, Alpharetta, GA 30009; 770-335-5171

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