Aligner Pro Kit

From kitchen knives to your favorite hunting knife, The Aligner Pro will keep your knives razor-sharp.

Newest in its popular “Aligner” series of sharpeners, the Aligner Pro Kit from Diamond Machining Technology effectively addresses the problem of having dull knives when you’re where there’s no electricity and portability and lightness are paramount. This neat little self-contained kit is just what the doctor ordered for anglers and hunters who might want to resharpen their favorite fillet and skinning knives while far from home.

Housed in a durable polyethylene briefcase-type box with real two-piece hinges, the Aligner Pro Kit opens to reveal a complete sharpening system. Tucked into their own fitted recesses in the case’s foam liner (so they won’t rattle during transport) are everything you need to sharpen the hardest working blade, anyplace, anytime.
The Aligner Pro’s seven piece system includes DMT’s already proven Aligner Blade Guide clamp, three diamond hones, hone holder with folding guide rod, and a conical diamond hone with screw-in guide rod for serrations of all sizes. The Aligner clamp has two guide rods at either side with seven fixed angle-adjustment notches to accommodate the bevel and blade width of everything from fillet knives to heavy machetes.

Complete Set
Whether you need the bevel reset completely, or just a quick touch-up, the kit’s coarse (45 micron), fine (25 micron), and extra-fine (9 micron) hones are equal to just about any task a knife requires. Conveniently, these are DMT’s standard 4-inch diamond hones. Like other diamond hones, the felt roughness of these “stones” lessens with use, but they will in fact lose none of their abrasiveness and will never wear out.

DMT’s The Aligner Pro Kit is a complete system that enables you to get a skinning-sharp edge, anyplace, anytime.

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From kitchen knives to your favorite hunting knife, The Aligner Pro will keep your…