Laci Szabo’s dynamic Express design is an asymmetrical dagger that cuts and punctures with tremendous authority.

There’s an old saying that “form follows function.” While that is typically true, in every industry there are some exceptionally talented designers who challenge that convention and choose to do things their own distinct ways. Their minds work differently and enable them to create things that are visually and stylistically different, while remaining completely functional. In the knife world, one designer that definitely fits that description is Laci Szabo.

An incredibly talented martial artist, Szabo is extremely skilled both with and without weapons. He is also a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and a seasoned law enforcement officer with a wealth of practical experience in the efficient, effective use of force. While these qualifications alone form a strong foundation for a knife designer, there’s more to the story. In addition to his functional insights, Szabo has one of the most distinctive design “styles” in the industry. Uniquely his own, it features striking, almost fantasy-knife lines and curves that come together almost magically to provide exceptional function. For lack of a better description, think Star Wars meets Jack the Ripper and you start to get the idea of a Szabo blade.

A Master’s Process
Szabo is also unique in that he is not a knife maker but a true designer who commissions a number of talented makers to produce his creations. Using his uncanny grasp of ergonomics and human body mechanics, Szabo first develops a design with a basic hand drawing. To ensure that all of his designs offer superior control and comfort in the hand, he always begins with the handle shape, methodically tuning it to perfection before progressing to the blade. In Szabo’s words, “My main concern when designing a knife is ease of use and ergonomics, following the human body’s natural tendencies. I want something that feels great in the hand, that does more with less effort and that is hard to disarm; that’s why I always design the handle first. With a properly designed handle you could stick a spoon in a tree.”

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Laci Szabo’s dynamic Express design is an asymmetrical dagger that cuts and punctures with…