The Alpha One is one of the first exiting new models developed by the equally new Pohl Force Knife Company. Behind Pohl Force Company is the managing director and well-known designer Dietmar Pohl, who has spent almost 15 years working in the Solingen knife industry. During this time he designed and developed more than 100 different knives in intensive cooperation with professional users.

For a tactical knife to have practical value for professional users, it needs to be designed with the input of experienced field operatives. The Alpha One project indeed was created with the help of many different experts and users from all kinds of special organizations including U.S. and German Special Forces. Currently, the knife is available in two different versions, an all black tactical and a polished civilian version.

pohl2The Specs
The 440C (58-59 HRC) 4.5-inch bladed Alpha One weighs in at 9.9 ounces. The prefabricated parts of the tactical version have a black titan aluminium nitrate (TiAlN) vacuum coat (PVD). The prefabricated parts of the outdoor version are bead blasted. The Alpha One comes with a detailed instruction manual giving its many potential uses. On the certificate you can find a serial number and control date with the signature of managing director Dietmar Pohl. Before leaving the shop, he personally examines each knife for defects.

The handle is made out of two stainless steel liners, which have large cutouts to reduce weight. On top of the liners there are massive .16-inch thick molded recesses made of glass fiber-reinforced Zytel, chosen because of its resistance to impacts and ability to handle variations in temperature and humidity. The handle’s texture feels a bit like a low-grit sandpaper.

Two impressive hollow pivots give added stability to the handle. All screws have slotted screw heads. If one of the threaded sleeves is damaged, it can be changed without a problem. Ever try to find a torx-head screwdriver in a combat zone? The pivots can also be adjusted with a quarter, thus making it uncomplicated to adjust the blade movement in the field.

The Alpha One functions on a classic rocker-bar lockback. Its spring is really strong, so you need to have enough power in your thumb to release it. After opening the blade, there is a very satisfying “klack!” as it locks up rock solid. The user is given no doubt about the lock’s ability as there is no vertical or horizontal blade movement.

The clip of the Alpha One is 2.4 inches long, gets screwed into one of the pivots and can be set in four different positions (right or left side; tip-up/tip-down). The clamping is tight but can be adjusted with pliers. The folder can be disassembled without any special skills and, more importantly, you can put all parts together again with total functional efficiency.

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