The Z-Blade is one of the sharpest tools available today for field dressing big game. You can field dress an entire elk without resharpening. It features an easy to hold polypropylene handle molded to a medical grade, stainless steel scalpel blade. The clear safety cap allows you to see the cutting blade and protects you and the blade when not in use. The bright colors allow you to keep track of the Z-Blade in the field. The blade is razor sharp, will hold an edge better than most knifes, and weighs less than one ounce. (800-734-5424;

The new PowerDuo from SOG is a hybrid between their knife mentality and tool sensibility. It has a split personality—it is neither knife nor tool, but an equal combination of both nested in a compact form. Take away the pliers and you have a multi-blade pocketknife with a full size locking blade, screwdrivers, can/bottle openers, tweezers, etc. Take the knife side away and you have Compound Leverage pliers with one-handed flip opening capability. Put the two together and the PowerDuo gives you options in an ever-changing volatile world. (888-405-6433;

HallMark Cutlery is excited to launch their new brand, Bad Blood. The line will consist of a mid-priced offering of tactical folders, fixed blade, and utility pieces. The new brand will also include an exclusive custom collaboration series from custom maker, Sean Kendrick. Kendrick designs simple, yet exceptional cutlery pieces. His line for HallMark Cutlery will launch with three folding knife patterns and three fixed blade models. (866-583-3912;

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Z-Blade The Z-Blade is one of the sharpest tools available today for field dressing big…