Hogue-Elishewitz Tactical Folder Knives

The Hogue-Elishewitz autos are a premium line of tactical folders of incredible strength. Each knife is hand tuned by the original designer himself

Anyone who has read any of my articles over the past decade or so in Tactical Knives knows that I have a little “thing” for folding knife strength and reliability. So many pocketknives, especially automatics, are designed with little regard to strength in extreme or abusive conditions. Some are developed seemingly as mere toys; playthings with an edge—and those type of knives really bug me. When I saw the prototypes of the Hogue Extreme knives, collaborations between Hogue Grips and esteemed tactical knifemaker Allen Elishewitz, I was positively intrigued. An auto designed for serious strength—what a novel concept for building a knife.

When I saw some video Allen had produced showing the extreme (there is that word again) lock strength of these knives I contacted Allen for samples. In his testing the Hogue-Elishewitz knives held approximately 700 linear pounds at the pivot—extremely strong for a folding knife and rivaling most of the strongest manual knives available.

Design Wise
The Extreme was designed from the get-go to be a manual or automatic button knife. It is available in “G-Mascus” handles (G-10 Damascus) or anodized aluminum in a drop point or tanto blade in a large or extra large size. The combination of all the various options has given Hogue-Elishewitz quite a large portfolio right off the bat, with many different models to choose from. Like most autos, the Extreme is coil spring-operated and fires smoothly—it doesn’t jump out of your hand when you discharge it, as there is more of a smooth release like you would find on a handmade auto.

An easily manipulated safety behind the release button assures the knife will not open unexpectedly in your pocket.

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The Hogue-Elishewitz autos are a premium line of tactical folders of incredible strength. Each…