Blackbird SK-5 Knife

A Micarta handle and 154CM blade go together well to make the Blackbird SK-5 a satin finish outdoors workhorse. The performance of the blade made it a great foundation for a well-rounded outdoors kit.

You can have all the bells and whistles you want, but the basic knives are the ones that get used the most around the world. Butcher knives, fillet knives and working knives do not have all those super features and plenty of people survive with them. If you construct a simple knife with strong materials to make the tool indestructible, like Micarta and good steel, and give it a full tang and other desirable traits that won’t complicate it, the end result will be one practical, real-world outdoor knife. That must have been exactly what Paul Scheiter was thinking when he designed the Blackbird SK-5 survival knife, new this year from Ontario Knife Company.

The spine can be used to harvest tinder, too. You don’t have to make a fuzz stick with the blade to survive in the woods every time. Here the spine was used to fluff up old bamboo, and the technique was used later off of an old hickory twig to make a bird’s nest.

Paul is known for his hardcore leather sheaths for knives, such as the KA-BAR USMC knife and the TOPS Tom Brown Tracker. Paul also has a large online audience for his wilderness survival skills vedeos that cover unique topics like improvised natural camouflage and survival philosophy.

Paul’s first knife was an OKC Air Force survival knife when he was about nine years old, and his love and interest for knives stemmed from there. Now he has designed a knife for the very company that sparked his passion for wilderness survival. The Blackbird is the end result of a three-year-long project and quest for a perfect survival blade.

Well-made blade keeper! The USA-made sheath is a nice touch, as many knives come supplied with shoddy scabbards in this day and age. These are manufactured to Paul Scheiter’s specifications, with good clean stitching and reinforcement points.

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