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Tool or weapon, a good tactical/utility knife needs to be both, only you can chose the size to best fit your need. No matter the size, both of these knives show outstanding quality.

For the past couple of years, everyone has been talking about the end of the world in 2012. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods all sound devastating, but natural disasters are mere hiccups in life compared to what society is doing to itself. The world economy is in freefall, and there aren’t any signs that we are anywhere near hitting the bottom. In the midst of this problem, there is only one bright spot for the cutlery industry. During hard times, art or collector’s knives may sit un-purchased, but the tactical and working knives sell better than ever before.

Look at society and it is easy to understand this phenomenon. The population can be divided into three basic groups, with the major segment being the “Ostriches.” They try to ignore anything unpleasant. As the proverbial ostrich, they stick their heads in the sand and hide from reality. The second group, the “High-Risers,” think they are preparing, but are throwing their efforts in the wrong direction. This group resides in their penthouses, convincing themselves that growing their investments will be the answer to all problems. The smallest of the three groups are those with the pioneer spirit. They face the problem head-on, learn the skills, and gather the necessary tools to thrive in hard times. Basic tools, such as hammers and knives, may not sound too exciting—however, these tools, and the ability to use them, have enabled mankind to advance since the beginning of history.

John’s interpretation of the traditional Tanto pattern proves that combat/utility knives need not be ugly. The tri-grind enhances the blade while showcasing John’s abilities.

There’s no hope for the Ostriches. Put your head in the sand, and you’ll surely get hit in the backside. The High-Risers are in for a surprise, a hundred shares of Microsoft is nothing more than toilet paper should the stock market take that final crash. This group may survive, if they learn to diversify before it is too late. Don’t be so smug about the almighty dollar and educate yourself on everyday life. Meanwhile, the Pioneers can search out more knowledge and better tools.

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Tool or weapon, a good tactical/utility knife needs to be both, only you can chose…