Most outdoorsman have learned over the years that a lot of gear designed for the military has crossed over to the civilian market. You would be hard pressed to find a better survival blade for the backwoods.

If you were to form an all-star “dream team” from members of the cutlery industry, A.G. Russell would be your point guard. He started making and selling knives in the early 1960s, before switching his focus to selling knives through a mail order business. From the start, he has been a major player in the knife industry. His credits include being a co-founder and honorary president of the Knifemaker’s Guild as well as an honoree in both the Knife Digest and Blade Magazine Hall of Fames. Even with all of these honors and credits, A.G. will freely tell you that it was the addition of his wife, Goldie, to the company that really helped the business grow.

While Mr. Russell and his wife deserve their accolades, they are not the subjects of this article. However, these achievements will add validity to a knife design coming out of A.G. Russell Knives. In 2004, the company introduced the first A.G. Russell Field Knife as their interpretation of the ultimate knife for our military troops. In an effort to improve upon the original design, they have recently announced the release of the made-in-Taiwan A.G. Russell Field Knife 2.


FK2 Specs
The Field Knife 2 shares its basic design with the original but has minor changes in length, width, and thickness. Along with the minor dimensional changes, materials have also been changed. The new knife is fabricated from AUS-10 stainless steel heat treated to 59-61 Rockwell and sports a blade length of 7.125 inches. The clip point pattern has a width of 1.5 inches and a thickness of .25 inches. Black Micarta scales are nestled between a small double guard and butt, both of stainless steel. The full tapered tang maintains strength while reducing weight. The very slight hollow grind almost goes unnoticed due to the pronounced fuller found on both sides of the blade. Yes, somewhere in the past, someone began calling this feature a “blood groove.” However, the fuller adds rigidity to the blade yet further reduces the weight. The knife is 13.7 ounces, which could be considered light for a knife this size. The Field Knife 2 is supplied with a nylon sheath equipped with a hard insert and outer utility pouch. Knife retention is maintained with a strap and snap fastener. Eyelets are available for further retention if needed along with a paracord tie-down.

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Most outdoorsman have learned over the years that a lot of gear designed for…