Gerber’s Ultimate Knife stems from a collaboration with TV adventure star Bear Grylls. More than simply just a knife, it and its sheath make up a whole survival system.

Television shows about outdoor survival have become quite the rage in recent years. They run the gamut from documentary-type shows to action-packed tales of adventure, and when you think of the latter, the Discovery Channel’s Bear Grylls is likely to come to mind.

Bear’s series Man vs. Wild, and more recent Worst Case Scenario, pit him against the worst of what both man and nature can throw at him. Keeping in mind that television is primarily entertainment, it’s good escapism for the rest of us who don’t have a job where we get to travel the world. It’s always interesting to see just how Bear goes about tackling a problem. Quite often one of the tools he turns to is one of man’s most basic and most useful items, the knife.


Keen viewers may have noted that Bear’s knife of choice has been a Gerber. You’ll see him using a Gerber Gator folder in a number of episodes and a Prodigy fixed blade as well. Bear’s experiences with the Gerber line led him to collaboration with the cutlery legend that was announced during the summer of 2010. While the collaboration has resulted in an entire line of Bear Grylls tools put out by Gerber, the first one to hit the market is the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series “Ultimate Knife.”

bear-grylls-gerber-knife-cThe rear of the sheath’s nylon frog carries a pouch emblazoned with a quick reference guide of ground-to-air signals. Inside the pouch is a survival pamphlet with a variety of information on helping you stay alive in the wild.

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