The Benchmade 755 will be right at home in a cop’s pocket. Like a duty sidearm and handcuffs, it’s an essential piece of kit for the mean streets.

When looking for a tactical knife, we can usually break it down into categories: “A folder will not work here, I’ll need a fixed blade” or “I need the most compact knife possible, I’ll want a folder, but it should be a stout model.” We will then think about blade configuration, grip, locking mechanism and so on until we reach some kind of conclusion. We then go forth and look for our desired blade. When talking folders, there are two general categories, the first being “gentlemen’s folders,” which are usually small and light and used for everything from cleaning fingernails to light cutting chores. The other is “tactical knives”; this category is also broken into two. The first are known as EDC’s (Every Day Carry) and the second field knives that can be used for just about everything from prying to opening cans to woodworking. And of course, the tactical knife is usually considered a self-defense tool regardless of whether it is an EDC or field model.

Having a tactical knife that can be carried EDC and double for field use will be a compromise. It will be both robust and compact, heavily built but with clean lines that allow it to be slid in and out of a pocket with ease. When I first laid eyes on the new Benchmade 755 MPR I thought of a knife that could be used both for EDC, as well as in the field. This hand full of knife is not dainty by any means, and it certainly will stand up to rough use and get you out of a tight spot when needed, regardless of your operation’s environment.

Custom Origins
The 755 MPR was designed by Shane Sibert. A life-long knife enthusiast, knives have fascinated Mr. Sibert for as long as he can remember. While still a teenager he started hanging out at the Benchmade factory near his home with the permission of Les de Asis, Benchmade’s founder. From this experience Sibert learned how high-quality knives were manufactured. Well-known knife maker, Jody Samson, worked for Benchmade during that time and took the young Sibert “under his wing” and showed him the ins and outs of the knife making craft.

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