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A few years ago KA-BAR introduced what I consider one of the best folding knife bargains around, the Bob Dozier-designed family of lock-backs. Bob Dozier has an eye for functional design that many custom knifemakers never seem to acquire. Thus it came as no surprise when KA-BAR found it had an instant winner in their Zytel-handled Model 4062. Not only was the blade AUS-8A stainless, the Japanese equivalent of 440C stainless, the street price was often under a $20 bill. Excellent design, good steel and great price—what’s not to like about that?

dozier2.jpgChumming the Water
For those of you that have never had a chance to attend an outdoor industry tradeshow like “SHOT” (Shooting, Hunting Outdoor Tradeshow), Bob has a little trick he uses to pull people into KA-BAR’s booth. He sets up a small table and starts engraving names and dates of customers on the blades of these knives with an electric pen. The hum of that engraver can be heard for a fair distance and Bob likes to refer to that low buzz as “chumming the water.” People working the booth have told me it is fun to watch the buzz draw people in like a magnet. Naturally, they have to come just a little closer to see what Bob is doing. Next thing you know they are standing in line with the rest of the crowd. Take it from me, there is always a long line of people in the company’s booth waiting to have their Dozier folders engraved.

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