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Columbia River Knife & Tool has earned a solid reputation with the troops in the field for producing first-class tactical folders at ground-pounding enlisted-man prices. In this issue, their new Eraser is covered by Terrill Hoffman while their left-handed Carson folders are reviewed by the editor—with each knife proving to be an outstanding example of marketing strategy.

When you have a team like A.G. Russell, Phil Gibbs and Dan Maragni working on a combat knife design, there is no way it can turn out to be anything but a truly superior example of its class. Brian Griffin examines the Sandbox Bowie with a trip to the swamps of Florida and returns totally impressed with this new battle blade.
What happens when Spyderco Knives combines their talents with Lion Steel, one of the top cutlery companies in Italy? Detective Tim Stetzer field-tests the Colorado legend’s LionSpy folder—on the tough streets of Pittsburgh and on off-duty weekend jaunts to the woods as well.

What do country music star Zac Brown and Bowie knives have to do with each other? Michael Janich rings out the Southern Grind GranDaddy to find out. This hybrid Bowie/machete is perfect for treks through heavy vegetation, building hunting blinds or defending the home.

Ex-Army Ranger Andy Franco’s Calico Forge is producing hard-as-nails combat/survival knives in designs based on his own experience and feedback from troops that are still going and doing. Retired Special Forces Sergeant Major John Larsen takes a closer look at this rapidly growing line of blades and comes away highly impressed.
TOPS Knives CEO Mike Fuller tells me it was a bit of surprise to him when his new, all-American-made machete quickly became one of his best selling models. Reuben Bolieu once again ventures into the Peruvian Amazon jungle to evaluate this long blade in the green hell, bringing a few Grayman folders along for the trip as well.

An old line German company like Puma Knives may not be known as a leader in tactical cutlery, but it still produces some first-class everyday working folders that have stood the test of time. The editor puts a collection of lockback cats to work on his ranch to prove that fact.

Daniel Defense turns out some of the finest AR-15-based rifles in the country, so why would they settle for anything less than the best for a tactical folder with their name on the blade? Michael Janich finds their new Kershaw design is everything you could hope for in a compact self-defense knife.

For about the last 50,000 years, double-edge daggers have been considered the ultimate fighting blade design around the world. Entrek Knives’ new MK-II is just the latest in this long historical parade of weapons, but the editor finds it to be a first-class tool for a very specialized task.

Blind Horse Knives’ Lumberjack Toothpick was intended to be a “Paul Bunyan” size bushcraft survival knife. Denis Prisbrey evaluates the oversized blade in the wilds of Utah, where he finds BHK totally succeeded in that goal.

Opinel is normally thought of as a modern French cutlery company with a 19th century design, but their No. 8 Outdoor updates this classic into a practical emergency cutter for the new millennium. Survival columnist Tim Stetzer tells us why.

Finally, our own Joe Flowers relates a life or death experience he faced while kayaking on a river with his faithful canine companion. A Becker knife saves the day!

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