The Mini-Resurrection’s not your everyday gentleman’s pocket peanut. This one’s built for hard work and won’t fail when you need it most.

What weighs six hairs over 9 ounces, folds out to 8-¾ inches overall, sports a massive 3-¾-inch recurved 440C hollow-ground blade with ambidextrous thumb stud for one-handed opening, a liner lock, and the biggest “paddle” pocket clip on three continents? Since you’ve read the header, you know it’s Boker’s new Burke Mini-Resurrection folder. But until you’ve actually hefted one and done some woodwork with it, you don’t know the whole story.

A collaboration between Boker and custom knife maker Jim Burke, the un-aptly named Mini-Resurrection is offered as an entry in the company’s relatively new Boker Plus line made offshore to Boker’s specs and quality checks to provide certain designs and performance at lower prices. In the case of the Mini-Resurrection, that means China. I know what you’re thinking, but don’t leave yet.

I knew the M-R was a burly folder before it arrived, but I still wasn’t quite prepared for its size when it did. This is first and foremost a big heavy-duty workhorse. The handle section with flat textured black G-10 scales is a grippy .560-inch thick, the right-side-only clip can be attached for either tip-up or tip-down carry, a full inch of widely spaced thumb serrations at the rear of the spine aid control, the grip contours create a tight and comfortable hold in either a conventional or reverse grip, the open construction is easy to clean gunk out if it accumulates, and there’s a lanyard hole included at no extra charge for those who use them. Quality was quite good on the test sample, with outside edges matching up as they should between the scales and steel liners, a perfectly centered blade in its recess when closed, no blade wobble when open, a nicely done stonewashed steel finish, clean consistent edge grinds, and a full liner-lock engagement with the blade when opened at any speed, slow or fast. There’s zero play in the blade, in fact, open or closed, and the stud’s position rotates the hefty 5/32-inch blade out smoothly and easily. The 16 wide scallops in the lower arc of the spacer leading to the pommel area of the M-R are not there merely for looks; this is one folder that actually has enough weight, length, and leverage to do some moderately effective light chopping, and those scallops help retain the M-R in position when using an abbreviated three-finger hold at the rear for more momentum. The one and only criticism I had on the Mini-Resurrection was that the inside edges of the liners were not relieved at the factory, and tended to mildly scrape the hand occasionally in use. Five minutes with a small stone cured that.

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The Mini-Resurrection’s not your everyday gentleman’s pocket peanut. This one’s built for hard work…