Boker Field Marshall Knife

The Boker Plus Field Marshall is a stout folder designed by custom knifemaker Todd Begg. The factory model is very true to the original in its overall design.

The affordable Boker Plus segment has been a successful part of the German company’s line, due in large portion to their ability to bring an excellent group of collaborators into the fold—some of whom were previously unknown to the production knife consumer. Todd Begg’s “Field Marshall” is his fourth team effort with Boker (previous efforts were the Kiridashi, Mach 2, and Ginger Fighter), so we can safely assume Todd has become quite popular with the manufacturer’s fan base. Begg, known for making stout knives, often with an interesting design twist or two, was already well established among custom knife users and collectors and one might assume that Boker’s more affordable iterations of Todd’s work have broadened the audience that admires his work.

In researching the custom version, I found the Boker plus version very faithful to Begg’s original in the categories of shape, dimensions and weight. The first thing I noticed when taking the knife out of the box was the heft of the folder, which weighs in at 7.8 ounces. That’s a heavy knife and one you’ll definitely notice clipped into the pocket. That said, it’s a Todd Begg knife and a big, sturdy folder is what people have come to expect of the knifemaker.

The Field Marshall’s blade had no problem pulling through two lengths of rappelling rope in one quick stroke. Those milled slots are a nice design touch.

Knife Details
The banana-shaped handle is an ample 5.25 inches long (sure to satisfy those with big hands) and the overall length of the knife extended is 8.75 inches. In a nutshell, this knife leans to the large size of tactical folders. The thick 2.5mm stainless steel liners—which no doubt make up a nice portion of the knife’s overall weight—have a Michael Walker style liner-lock designed in. On the backside of the handle is a curvaceous, skeletonized pocket clip that is a full 3.25 inches in length.

Did I mention this is a large knife? Here it is in the hands of one of my friends who has big mitts. Note the finger choil at the base of the blade.

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The Boker Plus Field Marshall is a stout folder designed by custom knifemaker Todd…