There is nothing quite like an auto knife to get your attention. I remember as a child the first time I ever saw my great-grandfather’s huge Italian picklock stiletto spill out of his coat pocket. My eyes were like saucers in awe of the thing—the big knife was beautiful, elegant and downright wicked. The new Walter Brend-designed Medium #3 from Pro-Tech elicited a similar response when I opened the box.

Big enough for business but slim for carry, the new Brend Medium #3 is all racy curves and attitude in spades. The 3.75-inch blade is simply hair-splitting sharp with a toothy bite, one of the finest working edges I have examined on a pocketknife of any kind. The blade is thinly ground with Brend’s signature, flowing style with ample cutting edge. The tip is thin to enhance penetration, while the stiff, saber grind ensures durability of the .125-inch-thick 154-CM stainless steel blade.

The Brend Breed
As far as the celebrated Mr. Brend is concerned, he has a lot of input into the designs that bear his mark. According to David Wattenberg, President of Pro-Tech, “Walter’s influence is largely in the blade shape and grind which was taken from his very popular Model #1 fixed-blade knife. According to Brend, it is the perfect combination of a dagger and clip-point blade design. The way the blade is ground you can do most any task with it—very strong at the tip, but still very aggressive for tactical use. It’s the best of both blade designs melded into one. We design the auto mechanism and the handle configuration here in-house around the blade. Walter gets final approval on every tiny detail of the blade and we don’t run with a production group until he’s 100% happy with it!” I appreciate the fact that the designer gets that kind of oversight—that is a great reflection on Pro-Tech knives.

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There is nothing quite like an auto knife to get your attention. I remember…