Muskrat Man Custom Knives keep the essence of John Ek alive with the Shadewalker and Sentinel model boot knives. These 5-inch-long blades are ready for anything from the streets to spending time on the battlefield.

Back in 2007, I was on one of many searches for the perfect knife. I wanted something easy to field sharpen and made from carbon steel, with a blade around 4 inches long. Here is the kicker—it had to have a Scandinavian grind and a full tang. At that time, there were only a few options from makers in England with a one-year wait and hefty price tag, so my chances were limited. After an arduous search, I came across a young maker in 2008 who had just the knife I was looking for. His name was Kaleb Reynolds and his company was Muskrat Man Custom Knives.

Hailing from Ohio, custom knifemaker Kaleb Reynolds started making knives six years ago and began selling them a year later. His dad, a retired bladesmith, had always encouraged him to try grinding a blade or two, and once he did, the seed was sown. “It’s all I wanted to do,” says Kaleb. He has been making, embellishing and repairing knives for others for the past five years.

Muskrat Man’s Woods Pal, Tuukko, and Pocket Puukko for the woodsman in you. Features like Scandinavian grinds, Micarta scales (with contoured side ramp for added thumb comfort in a side or chest lever grip), and L6 steel give all the makings of the perfect outdoors knives.

Muskrat Man Custom Knives has a new lineup of tactical knives designed for LE, military and personal protection purposes. As with all Muskrat Man Knives, these are made with L6 high-carbon tool steel with a standard thickness of 1/8-inch. L6 is a band-saw steel that is very tough and holds an edge well. Kaleb gives the blades a “primitive finish” (forged finish), but other options include a mirror polish, brushed satin, hand-rubbed or gun-blued finishes. All five tactical knives feature a Scandinavian-style blade grind, which is a preferred style for woodworking.

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Muskrat Man Custom Knives keep the essence of John Ek alive with the Shadewalker…