CRKT Shakaulu Knife

The new multi-functional Shakaulu from CRKT features a 65MN carbon steel blade. A slightly more complex steel formulation than similar carbon steel products, there’s no worry about blade damage when the appropriate edge geometry is employed.

Knife makers have been working with carbon steel for as long as there has been a cutlery industry. Even today, carbon steels like A2, 01, 1095, 5160 and 52100 remain popular with both individual cutlery craftsmen, as well as production cutlery manufacturers. When choosing to work with carbon steel, makers will find that material and production costs are generally lower than those associated with stainless steels, particularly the powdered metals versions. And users discover that most carbon blade steels provide excellent abuse-resistance and solid edge retention.

One of the newest carbon steels to find a home in the cutlery industry is 65MN. The element of toughness without brittleness, which is what this new steel offers in abundance, is paramount when developing extreme-use edged tools. Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) found that these properties were what they were looking for in the blade steel for their latest collaboration with famed knife maker Ken Onion, the “Shakaulu” edged utility tool. This new CRKT introduction bears a name that combines that of the Hawaiian Shaka Aloha spirit hand-sign, with the name of the palm knife/scraper of the Native American tribes of the Far North. This is essentially a skinning knife with a guthook that has been combined with a rugged bone/meat cleaver.

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The new multi-functional Shakaulu from CRKT features a 65MN carbon steel blade. A slightly…