For the last month I have had the opportunity to examine and use two of Wilson Tactical’s new Delta Wave Spec Ops folders. Many readers may be familiar with Wilson’s highly regarded M1911’s, but they may not know that Ryan Wilson has been providing high-quality tactical knives for almost 10 years. After using both models, it is my opinion that they would be a fine complement to carry along with a Wilson M1911.

The Delta Spec Ops folders were designed with input from Special Operations personnel and are made by the well-known Fox Knives of Maniago, a town in the Fruili region of northern Italy where they have been making knives going back to the Middle Ages. The Spec Ops folders come in two sizes. Both have spear-pointed blades of N690 stainless steel, with the very popular and effective plain/serrated edge, ambidextrous thumb studs, Ernie Emerson’s “Wave” opening feature (licensed), and are coated with black DLC. The DLC coating provides additional corrosion and wear resistance, as well as subduing the signature of the blade.

N690 stainless is made by Bohler in Austria and has proven to be very good steel for tough-use knives. With a composition of Carbon 1.07, Sulphur .40, Manganese 0.40, Chromium 17.0, Molybdenum 1.10, Vanadium 0.10, Cobalt 1.50 and with an HRC of 59-60, it has a good balance between toughness and edge retention.

Evaluating Spec Ops
When I said I had two of the knives to evaluate, that was incorrect; I actually had four knives as FOX Knives USA ( also sent me two knives. The only difference from the Wilson Tactical’s is that on the left side of the blade is the beret insignia of the 9th Regiment COL Moschin, the Italian Special Operations unit that I twice had the pleasure of working with. They know their job well and have an intensive hand-to-hand training program with strong emphasis on knife fighting. The only other difference is that the large model had a G-10 handle in coyote brown.

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For the last month I have had the opportunity to examine and use two…