What do you get when you sit two Idaho knife manufacturers down together for a brainstorming session? The TOPS/Buck CSAR-T, a collaboration resulting in a tough new tactical folder designed for duty.

Buck Knives is pretty much a household name in America. But while most people know them from their hunting and field knives, most don’t generally associate them with the tactical field. That’s not to say that countless Model 110’s didn’t see duty on the belts of policemen and soldiers over the years, but they aren’t generally what pops into your head when you think black and tactical.

In more recent years, though, Buck has started moving in that direction with models such as their Besh Wedge-equipped Bravo, Bravo Rescue, and Nighthawk Bravo. A further step in that direction is Buck’s recent collaboration with TOPS Knives resulting in the CSAR-T folder. TOPS has a long history of innovative tactical designs and the joint effort made a lot of sense considering their close proximity to each other in Idaho since the Buck move to Post Falls in early 2005. The result is a knife with the rugged design characteristics we’ve come to expect from TOPS and the mainstream appeal of the Buck name.

What Is a CSAR-T?
So what exactly is a CSAR-T? Well, the acronym stands for “Combat Search And Rescue Tool” and, as that name implies, it’s a knife designed for serious applications. While we often associate a fixed-blade knife with military operations, that isn’t always the case anymore. Some units actually have restrictions on the use of fixed-blades, and some folks simply go the route of the folder to save space on their already overloaded tactical vest. For civilian police and SAR team work, a folder is often a more appropriate tool than a fixed-blade knife.

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What do you get when you sit two Idaho knife manufacturers down together for…