Anyone who’s been around the shooting industry long enough knows what a Caspian PocketSmith is. It was developed by Shane Keng as an all-in-one, stainless steel multi-tool that contains everything needed to service a 1911 pistol on the range or on the bench. Now, imagine that same concept specifically designed to work on an AR-15/ M-16/ M4, and you would possibly have the ultimate EDC for soldiers or contractors running and gunning in combat zones. Well, this is no longer in concept stage. Keng and his company, MultiTasker LLC, have recently developed and released a mission-specific MultiTasker tool that may indeed change the way an AR shooter spends his multi-tool dollars.

007AR Specific
With the exception of the knife blade, every component of the MultiTasker is AR-specific. Even the choice of included tool bits reflects what most AR users would use for mounting optics and accessories. The bit driver doubles as a front site adjuster and is also long enough to remove an AR grip screw. As Keng told me, “We went with a removable bit driver system to maximize the utility of the tool. This also allowed us to use higher quality hollow ground tool bits. Most of the components of the MultiTasker are wire EDM’d, and you can still see the wire machining marks on the edges.” (Wire EDM is a very precise CNC machining process using electrically charged wire to remove metal.)

The most unique component, aside from the combination bit driver/sight tool, is the bent-tip carbon scraper. Keng got the inspiration from the traditional bamboo earwax scrapers used by the Chinese. If you look down an AR bolt carrier where the bolt resides, it resembles an ear canal. The radius of the scraper is designed to reach into the nook down at the base of the carrier and clean out deposits. It can also be used to scrape and clean the build-up from the bolt tail.

The chisel-tip file and scraper is designed to loosen caked-on deposits and the spanner wrench is for tightening unstaked castle nuts, such as those found on M4 stocks (It should be noted that the spanner wrench is not designed to replace an armorer’s wrench). The 3/8-inch box wrench enables tension adjustment on the popular LaRue Tactical throw levers, and also gives the shooter an additional benefit by doubling as an M-14 gas plug removal tool.

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Anyone who’s been around the shooting industry long enough knows what a Caspian PocketSmith…